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Just Another Thursday for Darwin

Jack had an empathy breakdown. Jack can't tell right from wrong. Jack plays dead until he can live again. Jack tries to be part of the world again.

A film entirely in slow motion, for a totally immersive viewer experience entirely focused on emotions and feelings. You will be curious to see how quickly your brain interprets these new codes and this different way of perceiving the world.


Cast & Crew

« Just Another Thursday for Darwin » is a first time for many people. From the cast to the technical crew, from booksellers in charge of the wardrobe department, graphic designers who act, a dentist choreographer… But don't worry, the composer is a real musician and the actors are definitely not their characters…

Direction & Production

Encouraged by the reception given to his latest short film "Last Call", Mathieu Baillargeon decided to self-produce his new project in an artisanal way. Supported by his friends who gave him their trust, their talent and their time, the production is set up. And so, the project goes from dream to paper, then from paper to film. And finally, hopefully, to your screens.

The Phantasma Company mainly produces corporate movies… but this production company was the ideal setting to host this extraordinary project. The film, entirely self-produced locally, in Annecy and in the Aravis, thanks to everyone's kindness and generosity… there is definitely more than one way to produce a film.

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Contact: Mathieu Baillargeon (France)
+33 (0)6 12 53 69 56
IMDB page

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Location / Country of production : Annecy, France
Running time : 99 min
Shooting Format : Digital 2K – Native Slow Motion
Screening Format : DCP 2K
Review online : mp4 (HD)
Sound : Stereo / 5.1
Aspect Ratio : 2:39 / Color & BW
Content Rating : All Ages
Language / Subtitles : French / English, French, Spanish

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